Erkodent Course 23rd October


23rd October 2019 9.00am – 4.30pm

Hands-on introductory course on oral appliances.
The course will be rounded off by tips and tricks that help you to ensure efficient and effective procedures oral appliances. All participants will be individually tutored.
Light snacks and lunch will be provided for and specify dietary requirements.

Tutor Mr Christian Schaffert (Lad Technician)

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Making In-House Oral Appliances

Custom fitted oral appliances are simple to make and a crucial piece of treatment for people seeking bleaching trays, bite splints, ortho retainers and mouth guards. If your patients are hesitant to pay for your impressions to be sent away for fabricating a specific oral appliance, then this course and hands-on workshop is for you. All you need is a few pieces of equipment, the knowledge and the room for a simple laboratory at your surgery and you too could provide your patients with access to a cost effective well-fitting oral appliances.

This course will cover the fundamental theory and practice of making oral appliances. It is suitable for any member of the dental team who would like to learn how to make oral appliances – dentists, lab technicians, hygienists, therapists or dental assistants.  Bring your own untrimmed stone model of your own teeth, a family member’s or a friend’s for the hands-on workshop (models will be provided if you cannot bring your own).


At the conclusion of this event participants should be familiar with:

  • Constructing a custom fitted bleaching or medication tray
  • Techniques creating a high standard of occlusal splints
  • Ortho retainers
  • What a mouthguard is and why your patient should wear one
  • Trauma
  • Different types of mouthguards
  • Methods of mouthguard fabrication
  • Mouthguards for the orthodontic patient
  • Creating and finishing mouthguards

All equipment will be provided during the hands-on session.


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