Anterior Composite Hands-On Course


Course is on June 29th
9.00am – 4.30pm

Lunch Included

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Hands – On Course mastering methods of layering aesthetic anterior composite restorations

Patients and dentists increasingly demand all-composite restorations    which cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. The challenge is to mimic natural aesthetics at the highest level.

Therefore, this course focuses on establishing a customised layering concept with Empress Direct. This concept is presented in theory and practice during the Workshop, in which deep insight into this trendsetting issue is achieved.



The following topics will be addressed during the course:


  • Slide show on the science of composites and adhesives
  • Presentation of the system components by means of natural teeth
  • Adjustments of different translucencies
  • Shaping and shading by means of an additive layering technique
  • Creation of physiological inter-dental spaces
  • Imitation of natural surface texture
  • Understand the principles of bonding to tooth structure
  • How to minimise post-operative sensitivity
  • Mechanical polishing to achieve an optimised surface gloss


The course will be rounded off by tips and tricks that help you to ensure efficient and effective procedures in aesthetic dentistry. All delegates will receive an Empress Direct Course Kit compliment of Ivoclar Vivadent which includes composites, adhesives, finishing materials and accessories. Snacks and lunch will also be provided.


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